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Unlock your potential and stay on top of your hydration all day

Insulated Water Bottles

Triple layered thermal bottles that keep your drinks hot for 18 hours or cold for 30 hours

Reduce the use

All our water bottles are fully reusable and are 100% BPA free. Let’s help end plastic water bottle pollution.


Ten Eye-Watering Facts About Plastic Pollution

Plastic. It is literally everywhere – an unavoidable material in homes, businesses and leisure activities. Since its birth in 1869, it has grown into a necessary product within everyday life, its long-lasting durable nature making it an ideal component of many things. Of course, the overwhelming optimism that came along…

Should You Install a Water Softener?

Touted as an essential buy for clear, clean water, are water softeners really all they’re cracked up to be? Here are the pros and cons for installing a water softener. Pros Less limescale around your home: water softeners prevent that grimy build-up around your shower, kettle and sinks, so that…
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Making the most of your Hydratem8 food pots

Versatility is one of the words that instantly springs to mind when you think about a Hydratem8 food pot. Stylish, technologically advanced and extremely good to use are some other phrases that have been used by happy food pot customers! Let’s be honest – it’s ‘a pot for all seasons’!…

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