500ml Carabiner Clip for the Insulated Thermal Water Bottles


Attach this carabiner to your thermal insulted bottle to easily carry your water bottle around, clipping it to your bag or belt loop.

Made with high grade rubber and lightweight aluminium.

This carabiner is suitable for all ‘City’ insulated bottles up to 500ml in size (excluding Roamer and Explorer).

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Attach this light, handy Carabiner Clip to your HydrateM8 Insulated Water Bottle and then hook it on to your belt loop or bag, keeping your hands-free for exploring new terrain. This clip might look small, but it is sure to come in very useful on your adventures, ensuring your bottle is always close to hand when you need it.

Where do you want to go today? Maybe you are off backpacking or trekking along a large mountain range. Maybe your day will take you to ski slopes or white-water rafting. Perhaps your day has nothing so exciting in store, but you have lots of files and bags to take into work on your daily commute. Whatever you have planned, you can be sure your HydrateM8 Insulated Water Bottle will always be close by with our handy Carabiner Clips.

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key – there is no need to make things harder than they have to be because we won’t stick to this routine. We want you to use your insulated bottles again and again, since this will ensure fewer disposable plastic bottles are being bought and thrown away. These plastic bottles take up far too much space in landfill and disintegrated plastic pieces are causing a lot of trouble for our sensitive marine habitats when they end up in the sea. But if you need your hands for other things, and your bags are already fit to bursting, we can see that it might not be convenient to take your reusable bottles with you, leading you to head to the shops later in the day. The Carabiner Clip is a small but significant purchase that could change your day, save you money and help the environment!

Convenience in a Clip

We have worked hard to create a clip that would best work with our Insulated Water Bottles and we think we have made the perfect product. Its small, compact design ensures it is not an extra burden on you, since we know you won’t use something heavy and cumbersome. It is strong enough to hold a 500ml bottle full of liquid without you having to worry that it might fall, so you can sip hot or cold drinks at any time of the day or night, no matter where your day takes you.

Our Carabiner Clip is made of lightweight aluminium and high-grade rubber for a high-quality clip that is durable and strong. It is super-easy to open and close, so that you can remove your bottle as many times as you like without having to spend too long replacing it.

Clip Here, Clip There, Clip Everywhere

We love how versatile this product is, allowing you to clip your insulated bottles almost anywhere you feel like it! Off to do the weekly shop? Clip it on to your trolley so you can sip as you run down the aisles. Heading off for a camping adventure in the woods? Clip it onto your backpack, and when you’ve set up camp, clip it on to your camping chair! Mums can clip their bottles onto pushchairs, while kids can clip theirs onto their lunchbox (how lovely would it be for them to be able to enjoy hot chocolate at lunchtime while the other kids have to settle for lukewarm juice?) The possibilities are endless, which is why we can’t get enough of our Carabiner Clips.

How will you hang yours? Shop our Carabiner Clips now!

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