Blue Ice Cube Tray


Soft silicone ice cube tray suitable for both the Adventure bottle and our HydrateM8 bottles.

Flexible and easy to pop out the ice.

Ice Ice M8y!

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The HydrateM8 Ice Cube Trays allow you make ice cubes to fit perfectly through the narrow neck of your HydrateM8 bottles, so you can enjoy ice-cold refreshment at any time. Made with soft flexible silicone, the durable tray makes it easy to pop out an ice cube as and when you need it. Choose your favourite bright colour to jazz up your freezer!

The Ice Cube trays from HydrateM8 aim to make your morning routine smoother and easier. We know you don’t have time to wait for your drink to chill in the fridge before you head to work or off on your adventures and battling with traditional ice cube trays is no fun! We want to do everything we can to make it easier for you to use our reusable bottles, rather than opting to pick up a disposable plastic convenience drink on your way to your destination, which is why we’ve created an ice cube tray that makes it easy for you to get ice in your bottle!

Ice Cube Geometry

Have you ever tried to fit a large square cube into a small round hole? It doesn’t take most toddlers too long to work out that it won’t fit, but for some reason, ice cube tray manufacturers are still insisting on the same old cube design, which works fine if you want some ice to put in a glass or a champagne cooler, but so not well for any insulated bottle.

At HydrateM8, we had a brain-wave! What if we made ice that would easily fit into the neck of our Hydration Tracker Bottles or Insulated Water Bottles? That is why our tray features spaces to make rectangular prism ice instead of cubes. That name might not roll off the tongue so well, but the ice is the perfect shape for your bottle.

We have made our trays out of soft, flexible silicone, making it super-easy for you to access the ice prisms when you need them. Simply bend the silicone in the area of the piece of ice you want and it will pop out without any fuss or bother – there is no need to bash the tray on the side and no need to break the tray to free your ice. It is quick, easy and fun!

Available in four different colours, our ice prism trays make it quicker and easier to make your own ice-cold refreshments, so that you don’t need to spend more money on convenience drinks while you’re out.

Freezing Ice for the Environment

The drinks in the shops are kept in fridges, so they offer a very quick, convenient way for you to get you ice-cold refreshment fix. However, have you ever thought about what happens to the drinks bottle when you have finished with it? Once you’ve thrown it in the bin, you probably forget all about it, but it still exists and will stay on the earth for centuries.

Unlike other materials, plastic is notoriously bad at biodegrading. The bacteria responsible for breaking things down steers clear of anything plastic, so that it just sits in landfill, taking up space and ruining the environment. Some plastic makes its way into the ocean, where it does decompose a little faster, turning into hundreds of tiny plastic particles that are extremely toxic to the sea creatures that ingest them.

So next time you pop an ice cube/prism out of the tray and pop it into your HydrateM8 bottle, you can congratulate yourself on making your own chilly drinks, since you won’t be putting any extra pressure on the planet by doing so.

Want to feel the chill? Shop our ice cube trays now!

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