Brush for Plastic Water Bottles


Keep your HydrateM8 water bottle in perfect condition with our premium bottle brush.

Soft brush head suitable for plastic water bottles.

Set of two parts including the handle and brush head (also sold separately).

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The HydrateM8 Cleaning Brush for Plastic Water Bottles is an essential cleaning accessory for your hydration tracker bottles. With soft bristles and a long, thin handle, it allows you to gently clean away any unwanted residue without damaging the high-quality plastic, giving you access to the very bottom of the bottle so you can scrub every hard-to-reach crevice with ease.

Our Cleaning Brush for Plastic Water Bottles aims to take the stress out of cleaning plastic bottles. Made with the Hydration Tracker Bottle in mind, but suitable for any other plastic bottles you may have at home or work, it helps you reach every single crevice of the bottle – even the very bottom where residue and mould can collect if not cleaned properly. We want our products to last as long as possible, so that they are never found on landfill sites or contributing to the problems with plastic in the ocean, so we have created this brush to help keep your bottles in tip-top condition! As far as we’re concerned, the more often you use our bottles, the less often you are throwing away disposable convenience drinks bottles – we’re saving you money and helping the environment!

Smart, reusable and practical, these brushes are the perfect sidekick to your Hydration Tracker Bottles, with an attractive wooden style that ensures they look good in almost all kitchens. Just stand it up by your kitchen sink and you will have a cleaning product that will work hard to help keep you hydrated and eco-friendly – in a round-about kind of way!

Giving Dirt the Brush-Off

We have put the same innovative and unique design into our cleaning brushes as we have with our Hydration Tracker Bottles. These brushes are high-quality, durable and fit-for-purpose, with a number of design features that ensure you are able to use them again and again, for years on end.

Our brushes come in two parts for convenience. When you open the box, you simply need to attach the brush head to the handle and it is ready to use! We have fitted our brush heads with soft bristles, that give your plastic bottles a gentle but effective scrub without scratching or damaging the material in any way. When these brush heads become dull and dirty over time, you can replace them with our Replacement Brush Heads (sold separately – we recommend purchasing a couple to keep for when your brush is finally ready to be changed), giving your brush a new lease of life without having to buy a whole new one.

The long, thin metal handle fits neatly through the bottle neck, reaching right down to the bottom of the bottle, so that you can easily and efficiently clean around the base without having to squeeze your fingers in. The high-quality metal handle is tough and hard-wearing, able to survive minor knocks and bumps with issue.

We have branded the brushes with our HydrateM8 logo, found on all of our products as a symbol of quality, style and great design. We’re proud of our products and we want you to be too!

Keeping Clean Even When Not in Use!

When you have finished with your Cleaning Brush for Plastic Water Bottles, you can simply stand it up by the side of your sink with the brush head at the top. This allows the air to properly circulate around the bristles and any water to drip down, preventing a build up of mould and keeping your brush in great condition for longer.

The longer you maintain your brushes, the longer you can reuse your bottles! Shop our cleaning brushes now!

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