Brush for Metal Water Bottles


Keep your HydrateM8 water bottle in perfect condition with our premium bottle brush.

Hard brush head suitable for metal water bottles.

Set of two parts including the handle and brush head (also sold separately).

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The HydrateM8 Cleaning Brush for Metal Bottles has been created to be the perfect partner to you Insulated Water Bottles. The insulating copper lining inside the bottles needs a firm hand to clean it properly, so we’ve equipped this brush with hard bristles to give it a good scrub. With an extra-long, thin metal handle, you can easily clean the whole bottle in seconds!

While our customer is obviously our number one priority, we are always thinking about how we can better help the environment too. Our Insulated Water Bottles are great at reducing the need for disposable plastic bottles, but they only work if we can reuse them again and again. Like other hot water flasks, they have a narrow neck to help keep the interior fresh and a large inside space – great properties for a delicious drink but it can be difficult to clean them without the proper tools. That is why we have created our Cleaning Brush for Metal Bottles, helping you to keep your insulated bottles in pristine condition. Made to be able to reach every single corner of the bottle with ease, they will help take the hard work out of washing up!

So, whether you prefer a hot, strong coffee or a fizzy cup of cola, you will be able to reuse your Insulated Water Bottles with a different drink each day.

Cleaning First

We have taken our time to create the most practical, useful brush we can, so that it perfectly pairs with your Insulated Water Bottle. Our clever, smart brush design comes in two pieces that are easily assembled for regular use. The long, thin handle has been created with metal and plastic to give a wooden-style finish that is both durable and stylish. It can easily squeeze in through the narrow bottle neck and reach right down to the bottom to scrub away any bacteria or drink remnants that tend to cluster in the creases. These tight corners can be difficult to clean but our brush makes light work of it, helping to extend the life of your product and extending the enjoyment of your hot and cold drinks.

The brush features hard bristles to clean the copper metal lining, ideal for scrubbing every last inch of the inside and keeping it in excellent condition. When it is past its best, which won’t happen for some time, it can easily be removed and replaced with a Replacement Brush Head (sold separately) so that you never need to worry about purchasing a brand-new brush.

Storage Second

We know you already have plenty of kitchen utensil cluttering up your drawers and cupboards, but our Cleaning Brush for Metal Brushes is a smart investment that doesn’t need be hidden away. In fact, we suggest that you stand the brush upright after use so that the air can circulate around the brush head, helping to dry the bristles and prevent a build-up of bacteria. Not only will this extend the life of your brush heads, but it will add an extra touch of style to your kitchen, with the elegant, sleek handle design. We’ve made sure to include our HydrateM8 logo as a sign of quality and durability.

Look after your brush and your brush will look after your bottles! Shop our Cleaning Brushes now!

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