We are thrilled to have HydrateM8 onboard our sailing campaign to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Japan. It is a honour to represent HydrateM8 on the British Sailing Team. We feel fulfilled to be supported by a product we believe contributes towards enhancing our performance as medal potential sailors. We love HydrateM8 creative bottle designs which promote the importance of proper hydration in sport and everyday life.

Not only is it important to us to stay hydrated to execute performance but also to save our ocean and be environmentally friendly by reusing our fun bottles and avoiding excess plastic throwaways.

Charlotte Dobson

Team Dobson Tidey joined forces as a new GBR 49er FX Olympic class pairing in January 2017. We feel strongly about the importance of teamwork, creating a professional and unique relationship with our support team and embracing all aspects of the journey. We have confidence in our team’s unique combination and believe that by exploring our past experiences, progressing skills and natural abilities we have the potential to succeed as a medal winning combination to crack the golden formula in time for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Charlotte who has represented Great Britain for 16 plus years made her Olympic debut on Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympic games in the 49er FX class respectively finishing 8th overall.

Saskia Tidey

Saskia Tidey who also competed at Rio 2016 Olympics in the 49erFX but for Team Ireland and a previous competitor of Dobson finished 12th overall at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Saskia who holds dual citizenship and eligible to represent Great Britain proudly joined Charlotte to form Team Dobson Tidey GBR 49er FX team.

Since January 2017 only 4 months in the boat together Team Dobson Tidey medalled at the 2017 Hyeres World Cup World Sailing regatta. It was a rewarding bench mark result to track the progress made from our winter training and help us identify the key areas we need to work on to progress.

Hydration is a key component to performance whether that is physical or mental. Without the correct amount of water consumption before during and after training we notice the quality of our focus is hindered. HydrateM8 bottles help us keep track of the amount of water we consume but more importantly make drinking easy by using the unique sipping straw system which is simply addictive! The more hydrated we are the better we feel and perform! Its an easy fix to making us feel great and ready to take on the day!

It is so exciting to share our journey to Tokyo 2020 with HydrateM8 through digital media.We can’t wait to travel around the with our HydrateM8 bottles onboard!

Team HydrateM8 Dobson Tidey Sailing can be followed on Instagram @gbr44_fx