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Start off the New Year with a serious boost to your water intake.

Hydration Tracker Bottles

Unlock your potential and stay on top of your hydration all day

Insulated Water Bottles

Triple layered thermal bottles that keep your drinks hot for 18 hours or cold for 30 hours

Reduce the use

All our water bottles are fully reusable and are 100% BPA free. Let’s help end plastic water bottle pollution.


Get Body ‘Beautiful’ for the summer

Hydration is the key to keeping our bodies and cells working internally to promote health and that ‘feel great’ sensation. But as summer and holidays approach, what are you doing to look wonderful on the outside as well as inside your body? It’s time to break out the open-toed shoes…
11th January 2018

Why do we get thirsty?

Like many things in life, thirst appears to be a simple issue to resolve – simply reach for a bottle of cool, refreshing water and banish that sensation from whence it came. This, however, ignores the science behind why we feel thirsty in the first place – which could be…
11th January 2018

The Latte Levy – how long will it take to put in place?

Somewhere across the course of human evolution, we have entered the age of convenience. Regardless of our material economic status, more and more of us are time-poor, ensuring that retailers and consumers rely heavily on disposable packaging to ensure a quick and easy turnaround. This may be useful to a…
9th January 2018

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