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Our mission is to encourage better hydration habits for everyone with a range of premium, reusable water bottles.


Unlock your potential and stay on top of your hydration all day


Triple layered thermal bottles that keep your drinks hot for 18 hours or cold for 30 hours

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Reduce the use

All our water bottles are fully reusable and are 100% BPA free. Let’s help end plastic water bottle pollution.


Help make plastic pollution a thing of the past

Is single use plastic pollution here to stay – we hope not. Single-use plastic containers and other items such as plastic cutlery, supermarket shrink wrap and many other items, continue to threaten our planet. Any item manufactured of plastic that is tossed away anywhere on our land or in our…
28th March 2018

Can Water Really Help You Lose Weight?

Water is underrated. Fact! It is also a nutrient we take for granted. When we want it, water just flows from a tap. Yet, many of us often forget to keep ourselves hydrated, but water has other great benefits too, including aiding weight loss. Dehydration and Exercise Of course, drinking…
23rd March 2018

Four Ways to Get Your Child to Drink More Water

‘I don’t like it’, ‘it tastes horrible’ or ‘water is so boring’, are these statements familiar in your household? Water is an important component for maintaining health and wellbeing, and this is no different for our children. In terms of sugar or additive content, water is the best drink for…
16th March 2018

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