HydrateM8 | Motivational water bottle

Improve your hydration today


A great aid for your health and fitness needs

Handy markings prompt you to drink regularly

Water capacity of 900ml

BPA free

Available in 7 colours and 2 childrens bottles

HydrateM8 is the UK’s best selling motivational water bottle

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Keep Cool on the Piste
Keep Cool on the Piste

So you have the new super salopettes, reflective goggles and go-fast ski boots – have you forgotten something? Sun block? Outfits for the evening apres-ski? Still something vital you may be forgetting. The slopes in Europe and certainly the USA are already open and awaiting your arrival. You want to look cool in the latest ski gear but your thoughts

Water v. Diabetes – Keep Fighting
Water v. Diabetes – Keep Fighting

Diabetes is a very common illness in the UK, and you must rule it, rather than let it rule you. Many people are affected by it, even the fittest, healthiest and slimmest – it takes no prisoners. Yes, diabetes can occur if you don’t pay attention to your diet, but that is not always the reason. When diagnosed with diabetes,

Top 8 Fruits and Vegetables for Staying Hydrated
Top 8 Fruits and Vegetables for Staying Hydrated

Fruit and vegetables contain amino acids, vitamins, minerals, sugars and hydrating salts and could be compared with isotonic drinks that are used by athletes. Here are our ‘top of the pops’ list of the most beneficial fruit and vegetables to consume, particularly with extra water.